About us

We are a group of people, that specializes in design,creation,production and delivery uniform clothing for companies and corporations. We have more than a decade of experience, and you can find our products in mobile networks companies saloons, on board of ships and airplanes and also in variety of hotels.


Jackets,trousers,skirts,vests we produce them using the best quality fabrics, that are a mix of polyester, wool and lycra. Our fabrics are very durable thanks to the addition of teflon, they are resistant to stains and exploitation. The most popular colours of corporations are grenade and anthracite, however we can use any colour that you desire.


We produce female and male shirts from blends of cotton, to increase their durability. The special part of our offer are tailored uniforms. Our specialists visit clients in convienient places, they measure and discuss the right sizes and their form, and in a short time deliver the clothing to the doorstep. We have the highest quality of wools from which we can tailor your cloathes. Our men's and women's shirts that are hand tailor are also made from the highest quality of 100% cotton.